ENT Care

ENT products including the ear health care, nose health care and throat care series products. In order to reduce discomfort, enhance hearing function, we designed: Ear dryer, prevent bacterial ear infections by drying your ears with warm, soothing air. Nose irrigation system , which can be used to reach depth of nasal cavity and clean it more thoroughly. Ear irrigator machine, which used for ear canal cleaning and prevention of ear canal blockage caused by cerumen. Ear pressure relief device, air is delivered to the eustachian tube to ventilate the middle ear to relieve the native pressure of the middle ear and drain the middle ear fluid to restore hearing. Ear vacuum wax remover, APP connection is visualized and clean ear collection to realize ear health home self-examination. Hearing amplifier bluetooth, 12 channels for left and right ears, intelligent compensation for hearing loss. Ear Massager, which used for ear canal cleaning and by massaging to soothe and de-stress. Electric nose sucker,cold nasal obstruction to help the nose, effectively relieve runny nose, breathing difficulty.

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