Coffee Enema

What helpful for coffee enema?
1. Caffeine stimulates the secretion of glutathione, the most important enzyme for detoxifying the liver and eliminating free radicals.
2. The caffeine and theophylline contained in coffee dilate the blood vessels in the intestinal wall and relieve enteritis.
3. The coffee injected by the coffee enema cleaned the large intestine on the left side near the anus, where the large intestine is most likely to hide dirt and dirt, lodge the most and have the strongest reproduction of evil bacteria.
4. Oral coffee can irritate the stomach wall, and its bactericidal properties are detrimental to the beneficial bacteria in the upper portion of the large intestine.
5. Coffee enemas process the toxins excreted by the liver on a daily basis and are very helpful in maintaining a healthy liver, which explains the significance of coffee enemas for cancer patients.
6. Shin-tani tracked more than 1,000 people who received daily coffee enemas and found that their intestines were remarkably clean and healthy. He is also a practitioner of coffee enemas.
7. Large intestine expert Hiroshi Shintani disagrees with the use of high-pressure machine enemas, arguing that it worsens the symptoms of patients with diverticulum and may damage the intestinal wall.

Suits crowd
1.palpitation, shortness of breath, chest tightness, breath, weak limbs
2.loss of appetite
3.back pain, body weakness, easy to fatigue
4.anxious, upset
5.sleep difficulty, poor sleep quality of the people with insomnia

How do you do a Cleansing Enema?

1. after cleaning the enema bucket, close the water stop valve
The coffee enema bucket, which is basically a drip bucket with a nasogastric tube, can be bought at any medical supply store.Clean it after each use and reuse it.

2.add the coffee-filling fluid to warm water at about 37℃
In addition to adding warm water close to human body temperature, it is recommended that about 0.5 grams of sea salt or deep ocean water can be added to balance the electrolyte, so that the electrolyte of the perfusion fluid is closer to the human body, and improve the permeability.
It is recommended that people who are just starting a coffee enema should only add 600 gallons of water for the first time to allow the body to adapt first, and then increase it to 1000 gallons each time.

3.Just put the enema bucket on the floor or wherever you want
To compare the normal enema device, the automatic enema bucket no need to hang highly to work.
4.squeeze the air out of the enema
Open the stop valve on the enema to allow fluid to flow and air to be squeezed out of the enema, then close the stop valve.

5. Coat the front end of the irrigation pipe with emulsion
It is recommended to apply lotion, liquid vitamin, aloe or flaxseed oil.

6. Lie on the right side
For a coffee enema, lay a bath towel on the floor next to your bed, preferably not too far from the toilet.

7. insert the enema and open the water stop valve
Lying on the right side, and natural arch the left foot, gently put the irrigation pipe into the anus about 15 cm deep, open the water stop valve about 1/3, about 15 to 20 minutes to drip.Speed depends on the situation, if you can’t help it, you can slow down, or first turn off the stop valve, endure 30 seconds to 1 minute, and then continue to reduce the desire.If you really can’t resist, it doesn’t matter if you go to the bathroom first, and you can do it twice.The suggestion undertakes enema can listen to music, relax the mood.

8. lie down and massage the left abdomen for about 3 ~ 5 minutes
After the enema liquid drops are finished, the body is lying upright, and the feet can be raised against the bed or a wall, and the body is formed.Begin to massage from left abdomen next, undertake around navel with clockwise direction, massage 3 ~ 5 minutes can go to the toilet.This time actually already can have the intention, if really can’t help, omit massage step to go to the toilet directly also can.During the massage, you can hear the sound of water in your stomach, and the lavage washes the intestinal wall just like mouthwash cleans your mouth.When going to the toilet, you can also do clockwise abdominal massage to help clean the overnight stool. juice , minerals and probiotics after the end of the enema.
Drink a glass of juice before and after the enema to replace lost water and to balance electrolytes in your body, reducing the discomfort that may occur when foreign fluids invade the enema.You can also eat a little lactic acid bacteria after the enema.

cleaning the kit
When the enema is over, some coffee grounds are left in the bucket, which can be drained by adding filtered water.The part of the enema that touches the anus must be cleaned with soap.Once the bucket is cleaned, add a natural bacteriostatic or alcohol to allow it to run off again for disinfection. The end of the tube must also be disinfected.
Keep the enema bucket and tube dry after cleaning and reuse.Replace the enema hose with a new one after one month of continuous use.Be careful not to share one enema, even with family members.

1. Do not rush the enema. The time can be controlled by yourself for 15 to 30 minutes. During the enema, you can relax by listening to music.
2. The most ideal number of coffee enemas is 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening, and the most suitable time is 1 hour after the meal.If you are a beginner, you can do it once a day.
3. People who are allergic to chemicals such as caffeine should dilute coffee four times before using it.If excessive peristalsis of the large intestine occurs after enema, stop and consult a professional.
4. The acid in coffee can stimulate the skin of the anus, which may worsen hemorrhoids, or cause split hemorrhoids, prolapsed anus, anal inflammation, etc.Therefore, after the end of the enema, it is recommended to dip the soapy fingers into the anus about 2 ~ 3, and then wash with warm water, wipe clean and smear vaseline on the anal part to prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids.
5. Coffee enemas will cause the large intestine to lose water. Drink more water or fruit juice before and after enemas, and combine with cellulose, probiotics and bamboo carbon particles to enhance the effect.
6. Be sure to do a belly massage when you go to the bathroom to carry out the results.
7. The best enema fluid is about 1000㏄.However, depending on individual conditions, the volume of the enema fluid can be gradually increased to about 1000㏄.

Post time: Aug-17-2021