High Speed HD-516F Brushless Motor Hair Dryer


This blow dryer’s grill is coated in Tourmaline, Ionic and Ceramic Technologies to provide 3x more protection during styling. The micro-conditioners transfer to your hair to help prevent heat damage and increase shine and hair health. With the 1875-Watt Power Rating, you can dry hair faster and with less frizz. Three heat options and two speed settings help you find the airflow performance you prefer for your hair type. You can lock in your gorgeous styles with the cool shot button. Plus, the diffuser and concentrator attachments make it easy to style with precision or build volume and lift while you dry your hair.



1-Make sure that your hands are completely

dry before connecting the appliance to the mains.

2-Connect the hair dryer and turn on(fig.1)

3-Adjust temperature to best meet your needs.


When switched on hair dryer, it will be at the last time   you used on, it have memory function.(fig.2)




The hair dryer is equipped with three air flow, with red blue green color Led.

The red light up mean high speed

The blue light up mean medium speed

The green light up mean low speed




The hair dryer is fitted with 4 temperature levels that can be adjusted by pressing the dedicated button.

The red light up mean high temperature.

The blue light up mean medium temperature.

The green light up mean low temperature.

No Led light up mean cold temperature.




You can use the ‘Cool shot’ button during hair drying

To promote a long -lasting style.

When long press the cool wind button, activated it, the temperature

indicator light will turn off,the air flow speed light will keep on working.

When release the cold wind button,the temperature and air flow speed return to the previous setting

(cool shot mode deactivation)




Press temperature and speed button

in the same time, this hair dryer in lock, press any button will not work, until press temperature and speed button in the same time again to unlock the hair dryer.




The hair dryer has a memorization function that allows preserving the temperature selected for previous use.

This function allows establishing the temperature and the air flow speed ideal for your need and hair type, guaranteeing a practical and efficient use.



High penetration negative Ionic hair care.  Advanced ions generator built-in- use turbo to speed up transferring ten times more ions and thus help removing static and reducing frizz.  Natural ion output helps fight frizz and bring out your hair’s natural shine.




This hair dryer features an AUTO CLEANING function to clean its inner components.

How to turn on AUTO CLEANING:

once the hair dryer is off, carefully rotate the external filter in a counterclockwise manner, and pull towards the outside.Then long press the cool button to keep pressed for 5-10 seconds .


The motor will turn on, in reverse, for 15 seconds while the other button are not active .At the end of the AUTO CLEANING session, reposition the external filter and turn on the hair dryer.


If you want to stop the AUTO CLEANING, turn on the hair dryer, switching the power switch from o to l. This function will automatically stop and the hair dryer will function normally.


Post time: Jan-08-2024