Mini Portable Cordless Hair Straightener –HS-208

Nowadays, most ladies need to keep there hair style in some special occasion.more and more girl want a mini size flat iron can put in handbag, in order to meet this requirement we develop this model HS-208.

 From the mini shape we know this is a portable hair straightener,and it have safe lock, we could put this flat iron in our handbag, used it at any occasion you want making hair style, such as traveling,dating, working and meeting.


1HS-208 USB straightener is suitable for all types of hair, such as thin, medium and short hair and tassel. High quality ceramics can release stable heat, reduce static electricity, keep hair silky and protect hair. the professional quality of heating material can achieve the ultimate effect, and provide super smooth surface, just slide down to the whole hair without pulling, Hair for women. 

2Portable and global features easy to charge micro USB, don’t worry about it traveling around the world.The best choice for travel,suitable for your journey. The 8.6-inch (21.9cm) travel size fits into a handbag, security lock and carrying case to help you shape.

3Adjustable temperature: temperature 160℃180℃200℃is effective for all fine hair, fine hair, normal hair, thick hair or rough hair. Just one portable hair straightener can meet your different hair needs.

4Cordless USB charging] the convenient cordless mini hair straightener is easy to carry, and it does‘t need to be plugged in. It was preheated in the 180s. USB interface charging design, it takes 3-4 hours to fully charge. It can be used for about 30 minutes after full charge, and the standby time can be as long as 50 minutes (not used after power failure).

5Ceramic coating plate straight hair device and curling comb can slide through your hair to create a smooth product without pulling, hooking or pulling hair. Ceramic coating hair straightener can lock the moisture of hair, make it smooth and close cuticle, make your hair look shiny, healthy and in the best condition.

Post time: Oct-01-2021